We understand how important it is to make the right decisions when it comes to selecting furniture for your home. That is why we offer so many brands and hundreds of styles and fabrics that allow you to combine elements of color, style, comfort, and priced to get the furniture that is perfect for you and your family.


Whether it is durable furniture for active children or a luxurious leather sofa or that dining room set for family gatherings, you will find the brands you trust and the styles that fit your personality. Please contact us if you have any questions about the selections we offer.


All of our chairs are Made in the USA.    (with a few exceptions from Canada )  
We are THE chair experts for the East Coast of the United States.

The following is a listing of our chair types :  All Made in the USA ( except a few from Canada ). 

Accent chairs,  Adirondack benches, Adirondack chairs, Adirondack rockers, ALUMNI chairs, American chairs, Amish Folding Step Stool chairs, Amish Armoires, Amish Bed walls, Amish bedrooms, Amish built Murphy Beds, Amish chairs,  Amish Made chairs, Amish Novelty chairs, Arm chairs, Armless chairs, Armless Loveseats,  Armless Sofas, Arrowback chairs, Arts and Crafts chairs, Ash chairs, Athens chairs, Avena chairs, Bachelor's chairs, Bakers Racks, Bar Stools, Bar stools with arms, Bar tables, Barcalounger recliners, Barcelona chairs, Barrel chairs, Barstools, Barwich Host chairs, Bed steps, Bedemyer chairs, Belvidere chairs, Benches, Berkeley chairs, Bermex chairs, Best Home furnishings chairs,Big Man reciners,Big Man chairs, Bird Cage chairs, Black chairs, Boardwalk tables, Boat shaped taples, Boling chairs, Bordeaux chairs, Boston chairs, Brass chairs, Breakfast tables, Breakfront cabinets, Brewers chairs, Buffalo chairs, Buffets, Burke tables, Butterfly Leaf tables, Cabriole Tables, Café chairs, Café tables, Canaan chairs, Canadel Chairs, Canadian Chairs, Cantilever chairs, Captains chairs, Carved Back chairs, Carved chairs, Carver chairs, Chadwich Hostess chairs, Chair and a half chairs, Chair City chairs, Chaise Lounges, Chaise sectionals, Chaises, Charleston Forge Bakers racks, Cherry chairs, Chesterfield chairs, Chesterfield chairs, Chevalier chairs, Childs rockers, China Closet, Chinas, Chippendale chairs, Chomecraft chairs, Chrome and wood chairs, Chrome chairs, Chrome chairs, Cinema Chairs, Club chairs, College Alumni chairs, Colonial chairs, Comb Back chairs, Comfort Design chairs, Commercial chairs, Concord chairs, Contemporay chairs, Continuous Arm chairs, Continuous Arm Windsor benches, Contract chairs, Corner Cabinets, Corner chairs, Corner Cupboards, Counter Chairs, Counter Chairs with arms, Counter tables, Country chairs, Craftsman Chairs, Crazy Cool chairs, Custom chairs, D R Kincaid chairs, Deacons benches, Deck chairs, Deck chairs, Delphi chairs, Denmark chairs, Designer chairs, Designmaster chairs, Dinette chairs, Dining chairs, Dining tables, Directors chairs, Double pedestal tables, Douglas chairs, Drawleaf tables, Dressing chairs, Drop Leaf tables, Duncan Phyfe chairs, Dutalier chairs, Dutch rockers, Duxbury chairs, Eames type chairs, Easy chairs, Electric Lift chairs, Electrically powered recliners,  Embassy chairs, Empire chairs, English chairs, Espresso chairs, Estate chairs, Extension tables, Fabric and Leather chairs, Fabric and wood chairs, Fabric chairs, Fairfield chairs, Farmhouse chairs, Farmhouse tables, Farthingale chairs, Felicia chairs, Fiddleback chairs, Firehouse chairs,Flexsteel chairs, Florence chairs, Fold out chairs, Folding chairs, Foot stools, Franklin chairs, Franklin chairs, French Country chairs, French Ladderback chairs, French Regency chairs, Fresno chairs, Friendship benches, Game chairs, Gaming chairs, Garden benches, Gastonbury chair, Glider rockers, Gooseneck chairs, Hand made chairs, Hard Rock Maple chairs, Hartford chairs, Harvard chairs, Hepplewhite chairs, Hickory chairs, High chairs, Hillsdale chairs, Home Theater chairs, Home office chairs, Ice Cream chairs, Inclining chairs, Institutional chairs, Iron Bakers racks, Jack and Jill chairs, Jacoby chairs, Kennedy rockers, Kids chairs, Kids rockers, Kids Table and Chair sets, Kirkland chairs, Kitchen chairs, Kitchen tables, Kneeling chairs, Kodiac chairs, LaCombe chairs, Ladderback chairs, Latte chairs, Lattice chairs, Leather chairs, Leather Home Office chairs, Leather office chairs, Leather ottomans, Leather seat benches, Leather Seat chairs, Leather Seat rockers, Leopard spotted chairs, Library Book Stands, Lift chairs, Louis Phillipe chairs, Louis XIV chairs, Louis XV chairs, Louis XVI chairs, Lounge chairs, Lyndon Tables and chairs, Madison chairs, Malibu Chairs, Manor House chairs, Maple chairs Brown Maple chairs, Marque chairs, Martha Washington chairs, Master Craftsman chairs, Mennonite chairs, Metropolitan chairs, Miami Arm chairs, Mid Century Modern chairs, Milano chairs, Mission chairs, Mission Sideboards, Mission Slat chairs, Modern chairs, Modern Classics chairs, Montepier chairs, Montepier French Country chairs, Montpelier French Country Buffalo Wingback chairs, Morris chairs, Mushoka Chairs ( Adirondack ),  New England chairs, Newfane tanbles, Nichols and Stone chairs, Nine spindle chairs, Oak chairs, Oak Heritage chairs, Occasional chairs, Office chairs, Oil Rubbed Bronze chairs, Old Hickory chairs, Ottomans, Oval tables, P & P rockers, Park Avenue chairs, Parlor chairs, Parsons chairs, Patio chairs, Patrick chairs, Pedestal tables, Pembroke chairs, Philadelphia Sideboards, Pie Safes, Planters chairs, Polywood outdoor chairs, Porter chairs, Power chairs, Prairie  Chairs, Pressback chairs, Princeton chairs, Pub chairs, Pub stools, Pub tables, Quarter Sawn White Oak chairs, Quatersawn Oak chairs, Queen Anne chairs, Raw Hide chairs, Reclining chairs, Refrectory Tables, Regal chairs, Regency chairs, Replacement Brewers chair seats,  Replacement chair seats, Replacement chairs, Replacement seats,  Reproduction chairs, Restaurant bar stools, Restaurant benches, Restaurant chairs, Restaurant counter stools, Restaurant seating, Restaurant tables, Retro chairs, Reversable chairs, Reverse Arrowback chairs, Revolving chairs, Round tables, Royal Heritage chairs, Rush Seat chairs, Saddle chairs, Salem chairs, Saloon Chairs, Sam Moore chairs, Scandinavian chairs, Schoolhouse chairs, Sectionals, Sedan chairs, Servers, Settees, Seven spindle chairs, Shaker benches, Shaker benches with woven seats, Shaker chairs, Shaker chairs with Hanging bar, Shaker rockers, Sheafback chairs, Sherwood Tables, Shutterback chairs, Side chairs, Sideboards, Slat back chairs,  Slat back rockers, Slat chairs, Slip Cover chairs, Slipcover Sofas, Small B-Man recliners, Small chairs, Soho chairs, Solid Cherry chairs, Solid Oak chairs, Solid top tables, Solid Wood chairs, Space Saver chairs, Spanish chairs, Spinning chairs, Square round tables, Square tables, St. Johnsbury chairs, Stackmore chairs, Statesville chairs, Steam Bent chairs, Steam bent hanging benches, Steam Bent Slat Back rockers, Steno chairs,  Step stools, Storage benches, Storage chairs, Storage ottomans, Stowe tables, Sunburst chairs, Sunrise chairs,  Swivel Barrel chairs, Swivel barstools, Swivel chairs, Swivel counter stools, Swivel rockers, Swivel stools, Swivel Tub chairs, Tall Back chairs, Tall Back Shaker Chairs, Telephone benches, Telephone chairs, Temple chairs, Thumback chairs, Tile Top tables, Traditional chairs, Transitional chairs, Trellis tables, Trestle benches, Trestle tables, Tuscany chairs, TV stands, Upholstered chairs, Upholstered recliners, Upholstered rockers, Utility chairs, Vermont chairs, Victory chairs, Vineyard chairs, W A Mitchell chairs, Wainscott Chair, Wall saver chairs, Wallsaver chairs, Walnut Chairs, Wassily chairs, Weather Resistant chairs, Weatherproof chairs, Weddington Hostess chairs, Wellesley chairs, Western chairs, Westminster rockers, Westminter chairs, Wharf tables, Wheatback chairs, Wheatback chairs ( no gluten ), Wheatland chairs, White Ash chairs, Windsor chairs, Windsor Comb Back chairs, Windsor Wheatback chairs, Wine cabinets, Wine Keg chairs, Wine tables, Wing chairs, Winsor benches, Wood arm chairs, Wood rockers, Wood side chairs, Wooden benches, Wooden chairs, Wooden rockers, Woven  Seat chairs, Y & T Woodcraft chairs, Yoder chairs, Yorktown chairs, Youth chairs, Zebra Striped chairs, Zimmerman chairs